Blue Lilac is now a two-person team!

Blue Lilac is now a two-person team!

Blue Lilac is now a two person team – a dream come true!

Hi my name is Suellen Sankey founding, owner of Blue lilac.

When I first started Blue Lilac back in April, 2018, I had a vision of working with a business partner. Someone who shared the same passion, values and drive to want to help others live a more organised, productive and fulfilling life.

I knew I had to be patient – dreams cannot be rushed – the right person would come at the right time.

And that it did, two and a half years later.

Over the years, my good friend, Rachel & I caught up regularly. While our children played, we discussed all things motherhood, life, and our shared love of organisation.
Little did we know, in time, we would be working side by side together.

On a particular catchup in November 2020, Rachel mentioned she was considering looking to reenter the workforce, now that three of her four boys were at school; and I shared that the desire to find a business partner had become forefront of my heart again.

The conversation ebbed & flowed and by the end of the playdate we decided to become business partners!

Since then we’ve been excitedly working behind the scenes getting the backend of the business up to date and spreading the word that Blue Lilac is now a two person team.

Together, Rachel & I are very much looking forward to working with you and many other valued members of our community – helping turn complicated, over-crowded areas of homes or business into open flowing, effective spaces.

Take care

Suellen (and Rachel…yay!!!)


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