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We hope to bring a workshop about planning your calendar in early 2024.  Please contact us below to express your interest in attending!

Our Past Workshops

We were excited to be partner with Wellways The Carer Gateway in presenting some FREE Well Days Workshops during 2022.

Feedback from our community tells us that sometimes life is so busy we have a hard time getting organised. Being overwhelmed with paperwork and an unmanageable to-do list is a common occurrence. Families are feeling the pinch with weekly shopping lists and could benefit from learning some easy meal planning tips to reduce the cost, and waste, associated with the shopping. These Well Days have been designed so that participants learn the skills to create a less stressful, more organised life.

Each Well Day was 2 hours and all participants will take home a FREE gift to help them get started on creating a more organised life.

Well Day topics include –

  • Organising Paperwork
  • Meal Planning
  • Reorganising Spaces
  • How to Take the Stress out of Holidays

Keep an eye out for future events!

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