creating organised spaces
with care and compassion

About Blue Lilac

The Blue Lilac flower symbolises ‘happiness & tranquility.’ And this is how I want your home to feel. 

Having an organised home doesn’t mean you have to throw away your most valued possessions and embrace minimalism. To me, being organised means living with a balance of practical items (ones that assist with your day to day lifestyle choices) and items of emotional significance.

I believe organisation is less about what a space looks like, and more about how each space in your home FEELS.

“You know when you are organised because you will ‘feel’ organised.”

Peronalised Service

Every home is different and every lifestyle is unique. Suellen really takes the time to
understand what you need and how to help you achieve it.

Care & Compassion

Sorting through a lifetime of memories can be deeply emotional. Suellen helps you make difficult decisions, with empathy and understanding.

Move Forward with Confidence

Suellen's practical advice can be truly life transforming. You'll discover more space, more time and more freedom.

Our Services

home organisation

home organisation

Blue Lilac offer tailored packages designed to meet you where you are at on your journey towards living a more fulfilling lifestyle through organisation - offering you choice and flexibility.



Moving to a smaller home or unit but don't know how to downsize a lifetime of possessions? Blue Lilac can help you fit your most treasured possessions into your new lifestyle.



Attend one of Suellen's workshops and learn how to create organised spaces for yourself. Everything from planning your year to sorting paper in preparation for tax time.

Upcoming workshops