Suellen was an absolute saint, whisking in and saving me from my kitchen! I felt stressed and overwhelmed and lacked the motivation to cook because my kitchen was just so dis-organised!! On top of that, having four children (between 4 months and 7 yrs), studying a diploma, husband working away and still having to keep house I just couldn’t find the time or the energy to be honest to even know where to begin! It was something I really needed done because it was getting me down in a huge way! Suellen came in and re-organised the cupboards and pantry and put everything in a place that was functional, I even had spare space and it is still spare as everything has its own place…. AMAZING! She even gave me inspiration to organise small problem areas in my house myself. I praise Suellen daily when I’m in the kitchen and dream of the day she will some back and tackle another part of my house and put it right ?
Thank you so much Suellen for relieving me of the stress of my kitchen! You truly are amazing!

Jess accountant